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Regular Member - Individual                                   

An individual employed by a business aircraft operator or who is directly

involved in the operation of business aircraft (examples: corporate flight department personnel, charter operator, owner operator, dispatcher, charter marketing department)

            This membership includes voting rights.     


Associate Member – Individual

An individual NOT employed by a business aircraft operator or directly

involved in the in the operation of a business aircraft however this person is

involved in the Air Transport Industry in some capacity.  (examples: vendor or service provider, FBO, flight planning service provider, insurance, marketing)

This membership does not include voting rights.    


All of the above membership dues include a $15.00 contribution for the Scholarship/Mentoring Program


Exempt Member -Individual            

An individual employed by a Government Agencies, or attending an aviation related field of study in an Educational Institution (Students must have valid student ID)/ a person retired from the aviation industry but still wants to be involved and contribute (examples: airport manager, ATC, FAA, student working on an aviation degree or certificate, retired pilot, retired ATC, retired aircraft management or service provider).

This membership does not include voting unless the person is actively involved in NorCalBAA organization or committee of the NorCalBAA)

             Exempt from membership dues (free) 

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