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NCBAA Safety Day 2018
May 10, 2018

NCBAA’s annual Safety Day was held May 10, 2018, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City.

Speakers included: Jeff Lee, FlightSafety International, speaking on The Role of Leadership in the 'Evolution of a Safety Culture: A Career Retrospective'. He discussed how positive leadership provides the clear path to evolve an organization's safety culture and how safety leaders can stay on this path; Steve Cash, Talus Group, speaking about safety and security. Steve’s presentation was titled ‘Unitended Risks, Unitended Consequences’, he spoke about past experiences and unique ways for aviation leaders to assess risk to crews and passengers. How to evaluate dangers to corporate intellectual property and other sensitive information during international travel; Dan Ramirez, XOJet, spoke about Maintenance & Operations, particularly implications of the Part 5 Safety Rule and the impact across maintenance repair stations and MRO's. How it will impact Part 135/91 business operations and how to get your operation ready; Heidi Snow Cinader, AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services (ACCESS), spoke about ‘What Happens After?’ an aviation accident. First hand lessons learned from bereavement care to people who has lost loved ones suddenly in air disasters, including personal reflections from people affected; Charles Lewis, AirCulinaire, spoke about Food Safety and how to avoid foodborne illnesses in flight; Michella Mykol, Jet Professionals, spoke about Contract crew classifications, risk mitigation and compliance in staffing management; John Goglia wrapped up the day with his ‘Call to Action’ focused on multiple issues in aviation that affect all operations, including fatigue, safety culture, maintenance and operations. How to be an effective safety manager. 

NCBAA Spring Scholarships were also awarded with Sean D. Tucker speaking about the Bob Hoover Academy, which one of NCBAA Scholarship recipients will be using his funds to attend.

We want to thank our members for attending, our speakers for providing excellent, relevant content, and to our sponsors who helped make this year’s Safety Day a great success.

Gold Sponsors: FlightSafety International, Guardian Jet
Silver Sponsors: Satcom Direct, USAIG
Bronze Sponsors: AirCulinaire, HondaJet, Gulfstream, NBAA
Advocate Sponsor: Avialex Law Group

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NCBAA Safety Day 2015
May 12, 2015

Synopsis:The Emergency Preparedness and Response Workshop was an essential program that  addressed many of the factors that differentiate a truly prepared organization from one that has not had the time or internal knowledge to engineer an effective program.
Innovative topics were presented by actual responders to business aviation emergency response events. Subjects such as identifying a developing event in the air, Confirmation of an accident, Best practices for Schedulers, Dispatchers, and Flight Dept. Administrators, and Communications management, as well as many other critical subjects were addressed in depth.

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California Aviation Day
April 22, 2015
The 3rd Annual Aviation Day at the Capitol event was  to inform and educate legislators, staff, and the general public about the importance of aviation to the welfare of the California economy and to raise the level of awareness of the benefits of aviation to all Californians.
The event  featured a large welcome tent with tabletop displays. Invitations were delivered to the governor, legislators and state Department of Transportation to join in the activities and  visited with airport and industry representatives.


NorCal Business Aviation Association Luncheon

March 10, 2015

Sponsored by:

Presented by
: Rick Brainard
Director Maintenance Marketing & Business Development

Synopsis:  DO262B AD-S- Discussion and Certification  KaiserAir recently developed and certified a FANS 1/A solution for the Gulfstream IV, IVsp and V models.  The certification includes a full DO262B ADS-B certification, as well.  These upgrades can be completed in the Santa Rosa facitlity in as little as 8 days. NCBAA  member can contact Rich Brainard at 970-628-5550 or for a special NCBAA price for the upgrade.

NBAA Schedulers and Dispatchers Conference
February 2-6,2015

This event is open to all business aviation personnel and it will include a mock Emergency Response Drill.  Don Chupp, President, Fireside Partners LLC will bring a live emergency preparedness drill to the main stage. This will provide a live and realistic demonstration into the scheduler and dispatcher roles and will be a real "eye-opener" to other aviation department personnel. This could happen to anyone and being unprepared is not an option, especially for front line personnel.
NCBAA offered three special deal to their members only for this national event.


NorCal Business Aviation Association Luncheon
January  13, 2015

Sponsored by:
Synopsis:Three Part Symposium that will include the following business aviation related topics:

“ASAP” by Russ Lawton, Director, Safety and ASAP Program Manager of the Air Charter Safety Foundation.  Russ will be introducing the Aviation Safety Action Program.  “ASAP” is a cooperative effort between the FAA and business aircraft operators (now also applies to FAR Part 91).  This module will be dedicated to explaining the benefits of ASAP programs in building data of value to promote stronger quality assurance within departments.   It will also provide valuable insight into the letters of understanding with the FAA for self- reporting and the immunity this program provides operators. 

“ARG-US PRISM” Experts from Aviation Research Group ARG-US will provide valuable insights into mature SMS programs such as the ARG-US PRISM system.  The guest speaker has experience in Safety management systems in authoring programs for many major airlines over the past 2 decades.  

“Data Mining”  NASA research engineer Bryan Matthews will discuss advanced data mining techniques and recent research findings from aviation safety programs conducted at Moffett Field. Data Mining is the future of safety management in business aviation and this module will provide a Q&A session on what we can expect from data mining efforts in the future. 

 Meeting Notes: Click Here


                               NCBAA End of the Year Event
                                  November 11, 2014


“A Look Back of 2014 at the Northern California Business Aviation Association”, “The Future Plans for 2015”, and “A Focus On Mentoring”.


This was the most popular NorCalBAA event ever held at our Michaels Shoreline Restaurant “home” with over 165 attendees including 125 current business aviation professionals and 45 students who are the future of business aviation.  A great time was had by all.  Many new friends were made and mentoring relationships established.

Since this event was held on Veterans Day the NorCalBAA team recognized those who served our country.  Signature Flight Support gave each veteran a special gift.

Victoria Collom presented "2015 Mentor Opportunities and Scholarships".  She also introduced a new mentoring program where current business aviation professionals may volunteer by placing their contact information on a Mentor List. Its a great opportunity to share career experiences with students and organizations as well as exchange new ideas. Wishing to encourage new talent, we had close to forty-five members volunteer from our NCBAA organization.

Bob Hala presented the “NorCalBAA Advocacy Committee 2015 Business Aviation Objectives”.  Bob also described his career change path and how he just two years ago he was a “Career Changer” and how he received mentoring advice from our beloved Victoria Collom and how through her advice Bob obtained an excellent position with ARG/US International, a business aviation industry leading safety, training, and consulting firm.

Update on Grand Opening of Signature SJC by Ken Setser, Manager.  Ken did a wonderful job of presenting the “career pathway” he took to achieve his goal of attaining a management position with one of the largest and most successful FBO companies in the world.  Ken then provided a brief overview of the new Signature Flight Support FBO facility at the SJC Airport.  Following the overview, Ken engaged the audience in a spirited Questions and Answers dialogue of what an FBO does what it takes to be employed in an FBO operation.  Well done Ken…we greatly enjoyed your presentation.


                                               NCBAA Cal OSHA Event
                                                September 9-10, 2014

Synopsis:The 10-Hour General Industry Outreach Training Program – Tailored to Part 14 CFR Part 91/135 and FBO Operations

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              Thirty Fifth Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                               July 9, 2014

Synopsis: A technical discussion concerning (EIS) entry into service for a  G280.
Lor Izzard  is a graduate of Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Lor joined Gulfstream in 1999 as an Electrical Engineer.  Within three years, Lor was moved to the Mechanical Systems group and specialized in aircraft system troubleshooting and issue resolution.  Lor was later moved into the role of G280 Entry Into Service Program Director,   After ushering the G280 into service, Lor was re-assigned to the Gulfstream Sales and Marketing team in 2013 and is in place now as the Director of Technical Marketing and Sales Support.

Sponsored by:

                                                                                      EIS Entry into Service


          Thirty Fourth Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                          June 10, 2014

Synopsis:Leigh White, President of Alertness Solutions described the new Duty/Rest Guidelines for Business Aviation that were published last April.  The development and publishing of the guidelines was a cooperative effort by NBAA and FSF.  Leigh described the process used to scientifically review the guidelines from both the scientific and operational perspectives, including coordination with ICAO and IBAC. She then outlined what has changed since the previously published study and what hasn’t. Building on this understanding, she elaborated on where the duty/rest guidelines fit and what else is needed in an efficient fatigue management effort. The information she presented is adaptable to organizations of all sizes and complexity, effective tools that can be implemented immediately.

Sponsored by     :

Speaker: Leigh White- Alertness Solutions

       The Duty and Rest Guidelines are available in PDF format in our Online Reference Library.


                                         NCBAA Safety Day 2014
                                                  May 6, 2014

Synopsis: "Advancing the Safety Culture with a Hybrid Approach"
Speaker: Sunshine McCarthy, Director of Training-Baldwin Aviation
            "Unlocking the Power of Your Safety Program"
              Louis Sorrentino, VP and Managing Officer ICF-SH &
                         E's Safety, Security & Regulatory Compliance Practice
              "Navigating CAL/OHSA and Part 91"  
              Bob Hala, Regional Sales Manager ARGUS International
              "2013 SMS  Audit Results"
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                                                 More Information


                            The 2nd Annual California Aviation Day
                                                  April 22, 2014

Synopsis:The second annual California Aviation Day was held at the State Capitol in Sacramento on April 22, 2014. Several NCBAA officers were in attendance at our booth to answer questions and inform legislators, staff, and the public about the importance of aviation to the welfare of the California economy and to raise the level of awareness of the benefits of aviation to all Californians. Additionally, we encouraged the attendees to utilize us as a knowledgeable resource on aviation issues, or if they need clarification in any areas relating to business and corporate aviation throughout California.


               Thirty Third Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                                  April 8, 2014

    Synopsis:  "International Operations"- This was a two

    Speaker: Rob Turpin, Flight Operations Supervisor- Rockwell Collins
                  "International Operations Considerations
                                           - Operational issues for the World Cup in Brazil
                                           - Recent regulatory changes primarily Mexico E-APIS
                                           - New Operational requirements across the globe.
                                           - China's new policy for requesting permits

     Speaker:  Chuck Wade, Marketing Manager -Rockwell Collins
                  " Mandates, Deadlines and Definitions"
                                           - CPDLC
                                           - FANS
                                           - ADSB
                                           - Link 2000

     Sponsored by:


          Thirty Second Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                               March 11, 2014

Synopsis:  "It's a Matter of Seconds"- This interactive presentation provides a comprehensive look at runway incursions and excursions from a business jet perspective.

Speaker: Alan Gorthy- FAA Runway Safety Group

Sponsored by: 


            Thirty First Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                        February 11, 2014

Synopsis:" Safety Case For Fly By Wire"  A discussion concerning the safety mechanisms in using the Fly- By- Wire system.  This event included a static display of demonstrating the Embraer system. This event was the Ascend Development Hangar 9 in Hayward, CA

Sponsored by:
Co-Sponsored by:
  Ascend Development and APP Jet Center

                   Thirtieth Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                           November 11, 2013

Synopsis:  "Critical Consideration of Hangar Design and Renovation"
Sponsored by: 

Speaker: Bruce Bernard,  Director of Maintenance, Jet Aviation Oakland


             Twenty Ninth Northern California Business Aviation Lunch
                                          September 10, 2013

Synopsis: "What does a Typical Test Program Look Like"  an explanation for the standardization of test programs.

Sponsored by: 

Speaker: Doug May, Director of Flight Test
              Cessna Aircraft Company
_____________________________________________________________________                                                   _______________________


                Twenty Eighth Northern California Business Aviation Lunch
August 13, 2013

Synopsis: "Managing the Talent Pipeline in Business Aviation"- In business aviation, there are a variety of talents and strengths in your personnel. There are methods in managing the capabilities of your team to not only maximize potential but make an environment for success.

Sponsored by:

Speaker:Richard Walsh Vice President- Global Aviation and Travel Security Services, Global Security Services

 HP Aviation Department



                   Twenty Seventh Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                                    July 9, 2013

Synopsis: An in-depth look at the Gulfstream 's “Gulfstream G650and G280 Static Display” -and- “Next Gen Aviation Mandates and How It Will Affect Operators. This event included a static display.

Sponsored by:
Co-Sponsored by: 


                 Twenty Sixth Northern California Business Aviaiton Luncheon
                                                   June 11, 2013

  Synopsis: FlightRisk is an advanced web-based software system that automatically identifies hazards and provides the appropriate risk mitigation procedures. It is more than a simple risk assessment system. It is a comprehensive approach to safety. FlightRisk goes beyond generating awareness; it helps facilitate action.

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                                          NorCal BAA Safety Day 2013
                                                   May 2, 2013

  Synopsis:  "Professionalism" benefits every profession. In aviation, it brings not only top performance, personal achievement, but also safety in every part operations. This was a full day event.

  Speaker:  Dr. Tony Kern, Convergent Performance
Sponsored by:   

  This was a NBAA CAM event. 


                 Twenty Fifth Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                                April 9. 2013

Synopsis:"California Tax Information" A Discussion on two major areas was be covered. First, the State of California is attempting to levy tax on all out of state (outisde California registered aircraft) with its new focus on collections and enforcement. Mr Alston gave the up to the moment programs at the Board of Equalization. Secondly, Mr Alston  explained the methods of supporting a claim for an exemption from tax.

Speaker:  Mr. Tom Alston, CEO of Aero and Marine Tax Professionals
Sponsored by:

For additional information, visit the NorCalBaa Library page for podcasts and videos.


California Aviation Awareness Day
Sacramento, CA

A diverse cross section of California-based aircraft owners and operators gathered April 24 at the state capitol in Sacramento for the first-ever California Aviation Awareness Day, a two-hour interactive forum where participants were able to engage with lawmakers and the general public in discussions about the importance of the aviation industry to the California economy.


Event organizers noted that California is home to 246 public-use airports, all but 30 of which are utilized only by general aviation. The aviation industry contributes $154.7 billion annually to the state's economy, including $18.2 billion from general aviation alone, the largest economic contribution by the industry at the state level. Aviation also supports 1.1 million jobs in the Golden State, or 5.5 percent of the nation's gross domestic product

The main message of the awareness day was:


  • Aviation is vital to the California economy.
  • Airports and aviation create jobs.
  • State support of California’s airports is completely funded by user fees.
  • The historical level of state support is insufficient to sustain the infrastructure.
Plans are already underway for next years event, and we look forward to supporting this important cause.


             Twenty Fourth Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                                 March 12, 2013

Synopsis:  "Aircraft Tax Planning"- Two Part Session concerning Business Aircraft Tax and FAA issues.
Speakers:Kevin Austin and Nate Pietilla
Sponsored by:



         Twenty Third Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                            February 12, 2013

  Synopsis:  "Runway Excursion Prevention Forum"- a regular session with two hour breakout session discussion preventative methods and efficient ways for proper take-offs and landings.

  Presentation:  "Runway Excursion Prevention Forum"

  Speakers:  Paul S. Ratte', Christopher J. Stickney, and Gary Cooke

  Sponsored by: United States Aviation Insurance Group


         Twenty Second Northern California Business Aviation Luncheon
                                               January 8, 2013

  Synopsis:"The IS-BAO Process"- regular session and then a two hour breakout session to discuss the process of obtaining  certification and how to t advance levels.
  Presentation: "The IS-BAO Process"
   Speaker: Jim Cannon, Director of IS-BAO
 Sponsored by : TWC Aviation


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