NCBAA Safety Committee               

  • Promotes Aviation Safety for Northern California Corporate operators.
  • Develops solutions to key aviation safety challenges facing the Northern California Corporate operators. 
  • Promotes and sponsor safety meetings to facilitate safety through education. 
  • Provides opportunities for operators to interact and learn from one another. 



Committee Chair

Bob Trevelyan


Bob Akin

Kelli White Jones

Amy Lynn

Nancy Stafford

Chris Vedo

Ed Wetzel

Kevin Darcy

Julianne Fox

Eric Tucker


2018 Safety Day was an Excellent event!

Speakers (left to right): Steve Cash, Talus Group; John Goglia, JDA & Associates; Heidi Snow Cinader, ACCESS; Michella Mykol, Jet Professionals; Jeff Lee, FlightSafety International. Not pictured: Charles Lewis, AirCulinaire; Dan Ramirez, XOJet.

NCBAA's annual Safety Day was held May 10, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Foster City.

Speakers included: Jeff Lee, FlightSafety International, speaking on The Role of Leadership in the 'Evolution of a Safety Culture: A Career Retrospective'. He discussed how positive leadership provides the clear path to evolve an organization's safety culture and how safety leaders can stay on this path; Steve Cash, Talus Group, speaking about safety and security. Steve’s presentation was titled ‘Unintended Risks, Unintended Consequences’, he spoke about past experiences and unique ways for aviation leaders to assess risk to crews and passengers. How to evaluate dangers to corporate intellectual property and other sensitive information during international travel; Dan Ramirez, XOJet, spoke about Maintenance & Operations, particularly implications of the Part 5 Safety Rule and the impact across maintenance repair stations and MRO's. How it will impact Part 135/91 business operations and how to get your operation ready; Heidi Snow Cinader, AirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services (ACCESS), spoke about ‘What Happens After?’ an aviation accident. First hand lessons learned from bereavement care to people who has lost loved ones suddenly in air disasters, including personal reflections from people affected; Charles Lewis, AirCulinaire, spoke about Food Safety and how to avoid foodborne illnesses in flight; Michella Mykol, Jet Professionals, spoke about Contract crew classifications, risk mitigation and compliance in staffing management; John Goglia wrapped up the day with his ‘Call to Action’ focused on multiple issues in aviation that affect all operations, including fatigue, safety culture, maintenance and operations. How to be an effective safety manager. 

We want to thank our members for attending, our speakers for providing excellent relevant content and to our sponsors who helped make this year’s Safety Day a great success.

Gold Sponsors: FlightSafety International, Guardian Jet
Silver Sponsors: Satcom Direct, USAIG
Bronze Sponsors: AirCulinaire, HondaJet, Gulfstream, NBAA
Advocate Sponsor: Avialex Law Group

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